Radio as a tool for social change in Kenya: Case of Radio Maisha's Mid-Morning program ((STAARABIKA)

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Daystar University


The integration of Radio for social change has been enhanced with the advent of social media. Change is no longer conceived as linear because the audiences are constantly interacting with different kinds of content and consuming or rejecting it in different ways. Unlike the traditional radio where presenters or producers would be the authoritative source of content that only allowed one way of information flow, digital media has made audience transform from passive to active listeners. Radio that has an interface for interactivity to happen such as calling in sessions, responding via texts to the content over the websites and online presence of the media house makes the sessions even much integrated. This research study therefore sought to find out the role of Radio Maisha’s Staarabika radio programming in facilitating transformative social change and the listeners’ power to choose which programs suit them and for what reasons. The study assumed a descriptive research design using questionnaires and a focus group discussion among the faithful listeners of Staarabika’s radio programming. A total of 106 listeners were called and questionnaires filled out by the researcher and a focus group discussion was also done. The findings show the presenter of the show being the main source and also a key influencer to change of behavior. The study also found a strong link between listening to Staarabika at both personal and community level with high correlation scores between responses related to personal change and community change as compared to listening habits. Additionally, the study found that there was a strong link between listening to Staarabika and social change at the community level. The study recommends radio and specific attention to be given to the choice of presenters as they influence social change in their listeners.




Social change in Kenya, Radio maisha


Anthony Ndiema (2018)Radio as a tool for social change in Kenya: Case of Radio Maisha's Mid-Morning program ((STAARABIKA): Daystar University school of communication: Thesis