Stakeholder Engagement and Involvement In Faith-Based Organisations: A Case Of The Fellowship Of Christian Unions (Focus) Kenya

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School of Communication, Daystar University


ABSTRACT The study aimed to examine stakeholder engagement in a Faith Based Organisation (FBO), focusing on the Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS) Kenya. The study was guided by three objectives: find out how FOCUS engages with its stakeholders, find out stakeholders' expectations on engagement with FOCUS, and examine the motivating factors and hindrances to stakeholders’ involvement in FOCUS. The stakeholder theory anchored the study. Using the mixed methods design and concurrent approach, the study targeted 6,156 FOCUS associates. Quantitative data was collected using an online questionnaire from a sample of 362 associates selected through a stratified sampling technique. Qualitative data was collected through interviews from a sample of 20 participants selected through purposeful sampling. Quantitative data was analysed through descriptive statistics and group comparisons, while qualitative data was analysed through constant comparative thematic analysis. Results showed that FOCUS stakeholders were majorly involved through financial support to FOCUS and an average number of them participated in the FOCUS events. FOCUS met the information needs of its stakeholders by communicating in their preferred channels. The stakeholders had a deep interest in the organisation’s survival and sustainability and expected regular communication about the most important aspects of the organisation. Stakeholders were self-motivated and participated in the organisation because of the impact they experienced when they were students. Stakeholders were hindered from participation by external factors beyond them and FOCUS. FOCUS should ensure students get personalized attention from the organisation while on campus and use communication and branding strategies that link the CU’s impact on students to FOCUS. FBOs should utilize the goodwill and trust of their stakeholders to exploit their full potential for the sustainability of the organisations.


Masters Thesis


Faith-Based Organisations, Christian Unions, Kenya


Kimeu, P. M,. (2023, Thesis). Stakeholder Engagement and Involvement In Faith-Based Organisations: A Case Of The Fellowship Of Christian Unions (Focus) Kenya. School of Communication, Daystar University