Framing Of Female Political Candidates In Election Campaigns: A Comparative Analysis Of Two Kenyan Dailies

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School of Communication, Daystar University


ABSTRACT This study adopts a dual-method approach, combining interviews with eight editors affiliated with the media guild and content analysis of the Daily Nation and Standard Newspapers. The principal objective is to scrutinize news articles within mainstream newspaper outlets, specifically focusing on political news, particularly the portrayal of female candidates. The analysis encompasses contemporary events and comprehensively examines textual content and accompanying photographs. The data analysis reveals notable patterns within the 368 political articles examined. Among these, 77 articles include visual imagery within their content. Within this subset, 56 stories feature photographs with substantial textual elements, 15 incorporate photos with relatively smaller text, and a mere six political pieces present photos with medium-sized text. In contrast, the remaining 291 articles are devoid of any visual components exclusively composed of textual content. Additionally, the inquiry exposes a substantial gap in portraying female Members of the County Assembly (MCAs). Despite the election of 115 female MCAs and the nomination of 612 others, constituting 35.3% of the 2062 MCAs elected at the time (UN Women, 2022), none received coverage in either the Nation or Standard newspapers during the specified period. These findings, supported by content analysis and insights from interviews with selected editors, contribute to a comprehensive framework for addressing gender disparities in media coverage of female political candidates in Kenya. The research provides valuable insights into the visual elements used in political coverage while summarizing the disparities identified, including the significant gap in coverage for female MCAs, and offers actionable recommendations for rectification.


Masters Thesis


Political Candidates, Election Campaigns, Female


Bwibo, F,. (2023, Thesis). Framing Of Female Political Candidates In Election Campaigns: A Comparative Analysis Of Two Kenyan Dailies. School of Communication, Daystar University