Influence of Organizational Culture on Employer Branding In the Mobile Telecommunication Sector in Kenya


Purpose: The purpose of the study was to establish the effect of organizational culture on employer branding in the mobile telecommunication sector in Kenya. Methodology: The study used descriptive design. The data collection instrument used was questionnaire. Census study method was used. The target population was only the top, middle and lower level managers in the mobile telecommunication sector totaling to three hundred and ninety (390). A pre-test and pilot survey was conducted. Data analysis involved statistical computations for averages, percentages, and correlation and regression analysis. Statistical computer software (SPSS) was used in data analysis. Analyzed data was presented using tables, charts and graphs. Results: Results revealed that in most telecommunication companies in Kenya employee’s work as a team, rather than hierarchy. The results also revealed that in most Mobile telecommunication companies in Kenya people are viewed as an important source of competitive advantage. The results also revealed that most telecommunication companies in Kenya have consistent core values. The results also showed that majority agreed with the statement that Work is organized so that each person can see the relationship between his or her job and the goals of the organization Unique Contribution to Theory, Practice and Policy: The Mobile telecommunication sector in Kenya should have clear well communicated long term vision as well as formal and structured induction, orientation and familiarization process. The study also recommends that the mobile telecommunication companies in Kenya should enhance strategy fit culture, involve the employees in decision making and in addition, strive to maintain good working environment, flexible work schedule, and refreshing atmosphere which will boost employee’s morale and encourage team work. Finally, the findings should also be used in comparison with the performance of other companies like the manufacturing and academic institutions in kenya in relation to Human resource practices, organizational culture and employer branding.



Organizational Culture, Employer Branding, Mobile telecommunication sector


Keino, D. C., Gachunga, H., & Ogollah, K. (2017). Influence Of Organizational Culture On Employer Branding In The Mobile Telecommunication Sector In Kenya. Human Resource and Leadership Journa, Vol 2 (1), pp.27-46