Use of E-business Strategies in Enhancing Business Value: A Case of Catering and Tourism Development Levy Trustees, Nairobi, Kenya

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Daystar University, School of Business and Economics


E-business is quickly become an integral part of a company’s business strategy by manifesting itself in the increasing importance of tailoring products / services along the lines of the customer's needs. The integration of e-business and ICT leads to the transformation of the business firm’s processes in delivering higher customer value by utilising developments in computing technology and philosophy. This study set out to establish the relationship between E-business strategies and business value. The main objectives that were addressed were to determine whether the E- business strategies employed in CTDLT were viable in enhancing business market share and its strategic goals; the impact of E- business on the competitiveness of CTDLT on levy collection over other levy collection modes; whether the E- business strategies contributed to the improved levy collected in the financial year 2010/2011 and how the use of E- business strategies enhanced customer satisfaction and retention at CTDLT. The study found that for a company that was embarking on a journey of embracing technology, e-business strategies were important to ensure continued success through enhanced business value to both internal and external stakeholders. In order to spur growth in the market share (customer base), competitiveness, company returns/profitability and customer satisfaction in CTDLT, the study recommended that the organization should invest more on E-business strategies so as to improve its operation efficiency; introduce other levy payment modes through mobile commerce such as Mpesa and carry out Business process reengineering in order to gain a competitive advantage and increase its profitability.


Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management


e-business strategies, Business value, Catering and Tourism Development Levy Trustees


Ngonze, F. N. (2012). Use of e- business strategies in enhancing business value: a case of catering and tourism development levy trustees, Nairobi, Kenya. Daystar University, School of Business and Economics