Factors Affecting the Communication and Adoption of Family Planning Methods in Miruka, Nyamira County

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Daystar University, School of Communication


The purpose of this study was to find out the factors that affected the communication and adoption of family methods in Miruka, Nyamira County. Its objectives were to determine the myths and misconceptions that existed in Miruka in Nyamira County about family planning, establish existing challenges in communication and adoption of family planning methods and find out the channels of communication preferred by Miruka residents about family planning methods. The study used qualitative research while purposive sampling technique was used to select study respondents. Interview schedules and focus group guides were used in data collection and the collected data was thematically analyzed. It was established that the participants mainly got family planning messages through radio, television and Facebook but preferred radio. The myths and misconceptions expressed by participants in regard to adoption of family planning include associating the methods with some ailments such as respiratory infections, failure of some of them to work as expected failure to conceive for quite long after stopping family planning and the side effects of the methods. The study concluded that adoption and use of family planning was limited by the myths, misconceptions and real body reactions that were associated with the family planning methods. Key findings included the fact that spousal input, social networks and hearsay are key in the adoption/non-adoption of family planning. The participants also had preferred channels with radio leading among them The study recommends that strategies to increase awareness of various family planning methods at the community level need to be initiated to promote informed uptake and dispel associated myths and misconceptions impeding their adoption. Furthermore, there is need to design messages that have both partners in mind


Master of Arts in Communication


Communication, Adoption of Family Planning Methods, Miruka, Nyamira County


Nyagwoka, M. M. (2020). Factors Affecting the Communication and Adoption of Family Planning Methods in Miruka, Nyamira County. Daystar University, School of Communication: Nairobi